Bins Available
A collection of Trident bins

Wheelie bins are available in the following sizes:

  • 240-Litre (H107 x W58 x D74 cm)
  • 360-Litre (H112 x W60 x D88 cm)
  • 660-Litre (H121 x W137 x D78 cm)
  • 1100-Litre (H139 x W137 x D118 cm)

Please note: food waste and glass are only available in 240-Litre size, due to the weight of these waste streams.

Waste Streams
General Waste

Once you have separated your recyclables, food and green wastes, you are left with a residual waste which is classified as general or mixed commercial/municipal waste (EWC 20 03 01).

This waste should be dry and compactable, and is typically taken to a Waste-to-Energy plant (WTE).

Mixed Recycling

This service is designed to capture a mixture of recyclables which are then separated at a designated disposal site before going on to be recycled as separate streams. Ideal if you produce a mix of paper, card, cans and soft plastics.

This is a simple and effective solution to recycling, and is similar to the domestic service provided by local councils.

Food Waste

Historically food waste has been collected on general waste rounds, but with emerging technology it is now easier than ever to transform food waste into a valuable source of energy. The service itself does require some management at site level, as the food has to be a pure stream, free from contaminants.

However, people are used to separating food at home, so there is a greater understanding of the requirements to make this service work.


Ideally glass needs to be collected separately, due to the nature of the product. Glass products break and fragment, making it difficult to separate them from other waste streams. A glass recycling service is simple to setup, and is ideal for pubs and restaurants.

Card & Paper

Card and paper can be recycled a multitude of times, and are easy to identify. Most businesses produce this waste stream (EWC 20 01 01). Separating card and paper rather than mixing it with other streams will make your business a cost-saving.


Steel and aluminium cans are easy to segregate and recycle. They are usually collected as part of a mixed recycling bin, but can be collected independently. This is an ideal service for schools and colleges.


There are numerous types of plastic, and these items are usually collected on a mixed recycling round. However, if you produce large volumes of a specific type of plastic, we can arrange separate collections. This can be a great way to save some money.

Green / Garden Waste

A service strictly for organic green waste, derived from gardening activities. Typically, this is hedge cuttings, grass and weeds etc. Not suitable for soil or large tree cuttings.

A garden waste bin with cuttings